Dive Into History: Honoring Military Divers

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Dive Into History: Honoring Military Divers

Islamorada: Dive all day and learn about dive history in the evenings. A special series of events at the History of Diving Museum recognizing the contributions of Military Divers. May 21-26

Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash Bonfire and Tournament Comes to Bimini Sands Resort & Marina

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Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash Bonfire and Tournament

 Bimini Sands Resort & Marina on June 26 – June 29

Headliners include Guy Harvey and IGFA’s “Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith  

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (May 7, 2014) – Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, the newest member of the Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Collection, announced today it will play host to the Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament at its South Bimini, Bahamas, property on June 26-29, 2014. The event will feature an exciting IGFA-sanctioned fishing competition, scuba diving, family entertainment and much more, headlined by world-renowned marine artist and conservation advocate Guy Harvey and Florida fishing authority Capt. Bouncer Smith. For the event’s signature bonfire celebrations, 30-foot tall Blue Marlin wire sculptures by artist Bobby Little will be lit on fire Friday and Saturday night.

“This is the first event to come out of our new strategic alliance with Guy Harvey Outpost, and it will give participants the chance to enjoy everything Bimini has to offer,” said Bimini Sands President & CEO Frank Cooney. “We want to welcome Guy Harvey back to Bimini with a big-time bash.”

Guy Harvey Outposts celebrates its return to Bimini after two years of growth throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean. “Bimini is the birthplace of the IGFA, cast in the light of colorful stories of legendary fishing and revelry,” explained Outpost Resort President Mark Ellert. “We’re back to help carry the torch that keeps Bimini’s history and Out-Island character alive. This party is sure to write some colorful South Bimini stories and keep the flame burning.”

In a unique opportunity for event guests, four fishing charters with Captain Bouncer will be offered by Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts in an on-line auction opening May 10th benefiting the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and IGFA to benefit conservation efforts in Bimini and its surrounding waters.

Tournament festivities will kick off Monday evening, June 23, in Fort Lauderdale with a pre-departure dockside party hosted by Papa’s Pilar Rum at the Bimini Boatyard Bar & Grill. Captain Bouncer will be on hand to offer tips on current Bimini fishing conditions and techniques. Friday night festivities include a pirate costume party at the resort’s new beachside infinity pool, with music provided by calypso artist, Mango Man.  Saturday night features a beachside pig roast party and awards ceremony at the southernmost point of South Bimini, adjacent to the resort’s popular Bimini Twist Restaurant and Sand Bar lounge.

Non-angler attendees will enjoy a series of beach and watersport family-friendly Bahamian activities organized by the Bimini Sands Activities Center, including scuba diving with world record-holder Neal Watson of Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center and excursions to Honeymoon Harbour to snorkel with wild stingrays. Other activities include tours of the mangrove lagoons, Bimini Nature Trail and guided tours of Bimini Sharklab.

For more information or to register for the tournament, call Guy Harvey Outpost at 1-800-513.5257 or visit www.GuyHarveyOutpost.com/BeachBash.



Bimini Sands Resort & Marina Joins Expedition Collection by Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Guy Harvey, Chairman of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges announced today that Bimini Sands Resort & Marina has joined the company’s Expedition Collection, a portfolio of Outpost properties that stretches through the Bahamas, Caribbean and Galapagos Islands.

“We are thrilled that Bimini Sands invited us back to Bimini,” noted Harvey, a celebrated international marine wildlife artist, scientist and conservationist. In announcing the company’s return to the legendary fishing island, Harvey added: “Our fans want us back in Bimini to help promote and protect the island’s heritage they have enjoyed for years and hope to pass on to the next generation.”

The company returns to Bimini after helping reopen another resort on North Bimini in 2010. “We turned the lights back on in sleepy Alice Town, but now it’s a boom town on North Bimini,” notes Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges President Mark Ellert. “Bimini Sands offers our customers what they want – lots of activities, great facilities and an incredible vacation value. Add the laid back vibe of South Bimini, and whether you’re traveling with family or friends for a weekend or a week, you’ll have a visit worthy of a Hemingway story.”

Adds Guy Harvey, “Life’s an adventure, and with this affiliation, we now can enjoy sharing adventures with our friends and colleagues who live and work on South Bimini at Bimini Sands.”

The only resort on South Bimini, Bimini Sands is Resort & Marina is a familiar beacon to boaters, with its oceanfront townhouses steps from a powder soft beach. In addition to being the only marina in Bimini to carry the internationally recognized Blue Flag designation for environmental stewardship, it is also a member of the Shark Free Marina Initiative and active promoter or shark conservation measures.

South Bimini is home of the renown Bimini Shark Lab, under the direction of Dr. Samuel Gruber, a collaborator of Dr. Harvey and his Guy Harvey Research Institute in cutting edge shark tagging and research. “South Bimini is one of the world’s foremost shark research outposts. It’s only fitting we should have our Outpost here too,” added Ellert.

The Bimini Sands Resort & Marina has an extensive activities program supervised by Grant Johnson and Katie Grudecki, both graduates and former managers of the Shark Lab. It offers a full complement of resort facilities in addition to its eco-tourism activities and water sports.

The resort is also home to Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center, a full service dive operation established last year by Outpost Director of Dive Operations, Neal Watson. The resort is earning rave reviews among recreational divers, scientists and international film crews for its Hammerhead Shark dives and Big Animal Safaris. “Neal is synonymous with Bimini diving,” adds Guy. “If you’re diving Bimini for research or recreation, why dive with anyone else, and why stay anywhere but Bimini Sands?”

Neal Watson adds, “we gave our dive boat my nickname, the Dive God, so there would be no confusion over who’s running the show. But given Guy’s diving record, it looks like we’ll be working on our rock, paper, scissors skills to see who’s in charge when he comes aboard!” Guy Harvey was inducted this past year into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.

“We have townhouse units sitting directly on the beach with a new infinity pool complex, some of the best dining and entertainment to be had in Bimini, and a marina with floating docks, fuel, on-site customs and a direct channel to open water,” notes Frank Cooney, owner of the resort. ”Unquestionably, we are the best family friendly resort in Bimini for the Guy Harvey Outpost customer, whether you’re an angler, diver or just a beach-potato,” he adds with a grin.

For more information, contact Guy Harvey Outpost Reservations at 800.513.5257.

Special GALAPAGOS Presentation, April 16th, at the History of Diving Museum

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Special GALAPAGOS Presentation, April 16th, at the History of Diving Museum

William Bebee In The Galapagos, presented by author Jack Grove 7pm FREE. At the History of Diving Museum, just minutes from the Islander Resort, a Guy Harvey Outpost. For more information check out the History of Diving Museum http://www.divingmuseum.org/

History of Diving Museum, FREE Presentation March 19, Dive Memorials, CLICK for details

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Dive Memorials at the History of Diving Museum, FREE Presentation

Congratulations Bouncer!

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Capt. Bouncer Smith inducted into IGFA Legendary Captains & Crew! 


Infectious enthusiasm could easily be the catch phrase for fishing on Bouncer’s Dusky.  For a big and energetic guy Bouncer always manages to convey the best of humanity.  He is known for always treating people with kindness and dignity.  On top of that he is a fabulous fisherman.  His clients have caught a long list of World Record fish.  He is just as proud of all the families who fish with him and all the kids who can say they caught their “First ________ (fish in the blank)” fishing with Bouncer.

Congratulations Bouncer on an honor well deserved!  Check out Fishing with Bouncer on the web at: http://www.captbouncer.com/charter.htm

Diving For Dollars?

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Diving For Dollars?

Diving For Dollars, is Treasure Diving worth the risk?

Happy Birthday From 20,000 Leagues Under

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Happy Birthday From 20,000 Leagues Under

For reservations call the Outpost Scuba-Phone 800.513.5257 or reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com

Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman Joins Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts as an Expedition Property

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – Cayman Island’s iconic hideaway resort, the Southern Cross Club on Little Cayman, has joined the Expedition Collection of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts.  The announcement was made today by Mark Ellert, President of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts. 

Established in 1954, Southern Cross Club is a recipient of the World Travelers Award for Leading Boutique Resort in 2013 and is rated #1 by TripAdvisor as the top B&B in Little Cayman. The resort today becomes the eighth member of the elite Expedition Collection of Guy Harvey’s rapidly growing Outpost system, which currently covers Florida, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Galapagos Islands. 

“As a resident of nearby Grand Cayman, the Southern Cross Club is my favorite place to relax, “ notes Guy Harvey, Outpost Chairman.  “The diving is truly extraordinary; the best the Caymans has to offer.”  Located approximately 60 miles northeast of Grand Cayman with fewer than 200 residents, Little Cayman is also home to the acclaimed Central Caribbean Marine Institute, whose Chairman is Peter Hillenbrand, owner of the Southern Cross Club. “Peter is a very close friend and a dedicated steward of the institute’s work in the conservation of coral reef ecosystems”, adds Harvey.  “The Club’s commitment to conservation through education is matched only by its superior facilities, excellent service and attentive management.”  

Featuring spacious and colorful ocean-view beachfront bungalows, the casually comfortable Southern Cross Club offers top-of-class in-house diving and sport fishing operations.  Little Cayman is one of three islands that comprise the Cayman Islands. 

“The Southern Cross Club sits on a powder white sand beach that stretches to a horizon dotted with palm trees and sapphire blue water,” comments Outpost President, Mark Ellert. “The club has the feel of an elegant safari camp, where beach and bonefish are the tropical substitute.  Here you hunt with a 9 weight flyrod and a GoPro camera. ”  With its tropical seclusion, miles of  shallow flats, and deep ocean canyons just offshore, Little Cayman is the sport fishing destination of choice in the Cayman Islands. “We’re honored to have the Southern Cross Club as a member of Guy Harvey Outpost,” Ellert adds.  “Sustainable tourism is on full display at this outpost, and it’s so well executed here, you’ll just never want to go home.”  

The Guy Harvey Outpost program earlier this month welcomed Dominica’s premier hotel, Fort Young, to its Expedition portfolio.

Congratulations to Hubbs- SeaWorld Research Institute for IGFA Conservation Award

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Hubbs SWRI-logo expanded

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in California to Be Awarded the International Game Fish Association’s Annual Conservation Award for Organizations

Hubbs-SeaWorld officially celebrated 50 years of its mission “to return to the sea some measure of the benefits derived from it” on June 3, 2013. To this end it is fitting that just two months later, in August, HSWRI released its two millionth white seabass – a testament to the success of their vision and the support of the California recreational angling community.

Science and Conservation are important elements of the Outpost experience.  Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI), is an independent non-profit 501(c3) organization.  Bill Shedd, Co-Founder of Guy Harvey Outpost and President of Aftco manufacturers fine fishing tackle, is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hubbs-SeaWorld.   All of us at Guy Harvey Outpost are proud of Bill’s leadership and commitment to Conservation.

For more information on Guy Harvey Outpost or Join us on FaceBook

For more information on Aftco or Join Aftco on FaceBook

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