Killing for Conservation!

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Lionfish Derbies Work, 908 Dead Lionfish Cannot All Be Wrong!

Lionfish Derbies Work, 908 Dead Lionfish Cannot All Be Wrong!   Click Image to Enlarge.


 Killing for Conservation?

Lionfish are incredibly fertile and have no natural predators in the Atlantic Ocean.  Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) has been leading the fight against this Indo-Pacific invader and after six years of Lionfish Derbies at Green Turtle Cay the evidence is clear: Lionfish Derbies Work!  Lionfish now range from Brazil to North Carolina and beyond.  They can live in fresh water too! The 908 Lionfish killed in this one day event was fewer than in previous years even with more divers and better weather.  AND those fish that were killed this year were smaller than in previous years; another good sign.  Lionfish Derbies will not send the fish back to the Pacific; they can however help local communities keep the population in check.

Three Contestants for the Smallest Lionfish Caught.  Photo Credit: Ellie Splain

Three Contestants for the Smallest Lionfish Caught. Photo Credit: Ellie Splain                        Click Image to Enlarge

The Green Turtle Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge hosted the event.  For six years, REEF scientists have conducted a Lionfish Census before and after each event to assess the impacts of the Derbies.  REEF estimates that had these 908 demons been allowed to roam Abaco waters for another year they would have consumed between 700,000 and 2.2 MILLION! Native prey fish.

Congratulations and Thanks to REEF & to The Green Turtle Club for executing a great event for an important conservation mission!

For more information on Reef Environmental Education Foundation and other Lionfish Derbies.

For More information on The Green Turtle Club

For More information on Guy Harvey Outpost

Red Hot Blue Marlin with Guy Harvey Outpost

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All Lit Up!

All Lit Up!

Artist Bobby Little’s Burning Marlin sculpture at Guy Harvey Outpost’s Bimini Beach Bash Bonfire & Tournament.  Above, Duncan Brake’s photograph captures the marlin in full furry.   The event marked Guy Harvey Outpost’s return to Bimini after two years of growth around Florida, the Bahamas and Beyond.   Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge hosted the three day event.

Barefoot skydivers from Island Extreme Adventures kicked things off, landing on the beach in front of the Infinity Pool.  There was scuba diving with the legendary Neal Watson, fabulous food and ace fishermen.  Captain Bouncer Smith, recently honored at the IGFA as a “Legendary Captain,” and young Victor Bermudez the event’s Top Angler teamed up to take top honors in the fishing tournament.

Stay tuned for more photos and details or check the latest on the Outpost Facebook page.


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Reef Derbies 2014

If you are in the eastern Bahamas and can not make it to the Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament please head over to the Green Turtle Club for the 6th Annual Lionfish Derby, June 27-28th. The Green Turtle Club is original host to REEF’s first Lionfish Derby.  We always need more divers and diners to make those pesky Lionfish disappear. To make your reservations call: 800-513-5257 or reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com

Cousteau Dives the Keys!

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Cousteau Dives the Keys!

Fabien Cousteau on-board the FIU Aquarious Reef Base. Filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau, grandson of diving pioneer Jaques Cousteau attempts record setting dive in the Aquarius. Cousteau began his 31 day attempt to live aboard the underwater laboratory Aquarius June 1st. This would eclipse the 30 day record set by his grandfather in 1963.

Keep Florida’s Net Ban!

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Follow the Will of the Voters – Keep the Net Limitation

On May 15, the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee heard yet another legal challenge to the Net Limitation placed into the State Constitution in 1994 by 72% of Florida’s voters. Following years of unsuccessful lawsuits, commercial fishermen again seek to overturn the limitation—this time as to the mesh size of the nets they are allowed to use in state waters. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was tasked with writing the rules to implement the constitutional change and that rule has withstood many challenges, and hopefully it will withstand this latest attempt. The Florida Wildlife Federation supports the Attorney General’s Office and the FWC in their efforts to defend the will of the people. The FWC is upholding the law, the constitution, and the conservation of coastal fisheries. The Net Limitation Amendment was originally proposed because Florida’s inshore gamefish and forage fish were rapidly declining due to the commercial fishing gear used in coastal waters. Following the restrictions, and twenty years without the outlawed nets, our coastal waters are now rebuilding an abundance of redfish, sea trout, and other popular game species, as well as smaller forage fish, and that helps the entire ecosystem. It also helps the state’s economy. Florida is advertised as the Fishing Capital of the World and the present net limitation ensures that it stays that way. We hope the court agrees.


The Florida Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit, conservation organization established in 1936. The Federation works for the sound management of our fish and wildlife resources and responsible outdoor recreation. For more information about the initiatives of the Florida Wildlife Federation, visit

Light It Up! Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

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Light It Up!  Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

Come celebrate Summer with Guy Harvey & Bouncer Smith at Guy Harvey Outpost’s flaming hot party at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina! We kick it all off at the Bimini Boatyard June 23rd 6pm and head east to South Bimini June 26-29th. This will be an event to remember! Spectacular Bonfires Friday and Saturday nights. For details call 800.513.5257 or Click the photo.

Pryde Group Water Sports Conference to Be Held at Old Bahama Bay, June 1-4

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Pryde Group Water Sports Conference to Be Held at Old Bahama Bay, June 1-4

Pryde Group Americas manufacturers of premier watersports gear is coming to Guy Harvey Outpost’s Old Bahama Bay property. The Pryde Group’s well known brands include Cabrinha Kite Surfing, Imagine SUP, Neil Pryde Windsurfing, and NP Accessories. Representatives from throughout the Americas will be coming to Old Bahama Bay to test the latest products from the Pryde Group.

It is a complement to the great facilities and staff to have such a well known brand come to Old Bahama Bay. Guy Harvey Outpost is happy to welcome them.

Bouncer for Sale at Guy Harvey’s Bimini Sands Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

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“Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith Auctions Bimini Fishing Charters To Benefit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and IGFA, During Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash Bonfire & Tournament at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina June 26 – June 29

 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (May 8, 2014) – Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts announced today plans to offer Bimini fishing charters with IGFA “Legendary Captain” Bouncer Smith  during its upcoming  Beach Bash Bonfire and Tournament.  The June 26-29 tournament will be hosted by Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, the newest member of the Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Collection of offshore resorts and lodges. Guy Harvey Outpost has opened on-line tournament registration where anglers and their guests can bid on half and full day charters with Capt. Bouncer.  Auction proceeds will go directly to the IGFA and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to benefit conservation efforts in Bimini and its surrounding waters.

 “This is a first for me,” said Capt. Bouncer. “I’ve taken clients to Bimini to chase world records, but this is a special opportunity for anyone of any age who wants to learn first-hand my secrets of the Bimini fishing grounds.” Added Mark Ellert, president of Guy Harvey Outpost, “Fishing Bouncer and his 33-foot Dusky is the difference between fishing and catching, whatever your target species might be in Bimini. If you want to improve your odds at winning this tournament, chartering Bouncer is the way to do it.” Capt. Bouncer and crew will be available for half day charters Thursday afternoon and Friday and for a full day charter the day of the tournament, Saturday, June 28.

 The tournament format will provide prizes for all ages and species, with boat awards and scoring incentives based on largest fish caught and released. A separate billfish division will award both teams and anglers with the highest aggregate points based on the number of billfish caught and released. “With awards for length not number of fish, luck will be a factor and should create some surprising winners for non-billfish species.  After all, even blind squirrels find nuts on occasion,” adds Capt. Bouncer with his trademark smile.  

Tournament festivities will kick off Monday evening, June 23, in Fort Lauderdale with a pre-departure dockside party hosted by Papa’s Pilar Rum at the Bimini Boatyard Bar & Grill. Capt. Bouncer Smith will be on hand to offer tips on current Bimini fishing conditions and techniques.  From there the action moves to the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, with pre-fishing and social activities on Thursday and Friday, June 26 and 27.  Saturday is tournament day, with fishing from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, followed by beachfront pig-roast and awards ceremony that evening.

For more information and to register for the tournament or bid on a Capt. Bouncer charter, call Guy Harvey Outpost at 1-800-513-5257 or visit

About Captain Bouncer Smith

Inducted by the IGFA in 2014 as a “Legendary Captain”, Capt. Bouncer Smith is a South Florida sport fishing pioneer. Respected for his intimate sport fishing knowledge Capt. Bouncer Smith has devoted his life to sharing fishing with others through his radio shows, magazine articles, seminars, and IGFA “conservation through education” efforts. Fishing out of the Miami Beach Marina, Capt. Bouncer and his 33’ Dusky center console are icons among South Florida charter boat captains and crews, having won most major South Florida fishing tournaments during his career.  For more information visit

About The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament

The Guy Harvey Outpost Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament will be held June 26-29 at Bimini Sands Resort & Marina. The event marks the return of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts to Bimini, the birthplace of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), after a two year hiatus to pursue development elsewhere in the Bahamas and Caribbean.   The event will feature an exciting IGFA compliant fishing competition, scuba diving, family-friendly Bahamian activities and much more, headlined by world-renowned marine artist and conservation advocate Guy Harvey and Florida fishing authority Capt. Bouncer Smith. During the event’s signature bonfire celebrations, 30-foot tall Blue Marlin wire sculptures by artist Bobby Little will be lit on fire Friday and Saturday night. The company expects the Beach Bash, Bonfire and Tournament to become a standing South Bimini summertime event at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina.  For more information visit

About Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges promote sustainable adventure tourism and high quality watersport activities. With properties located in pristine waterfront settings, the company has become a symbol of ocean conservation and awareness while fostering lifelong memories for its guests. Its Signature Collection properties currently include the Tradewinds Resort on St. Petersburg Beach and the Islander Resort in Islamorada, and construction is underway on a 30-unit eco-lodge in the Galapagos Islands. Members of the company’s Expedition Portfolio include a network of independently owned and operated boutique hotels in Mexico and the Bahamas. For more information and reservations at all Guy Harvey Outpost properties, visit

About Bimini Sands Resort & Marina

Located 50 miles from Miami on the gateway island of South Bimini, Bimini Sands Resort & Marina features fully furnished villas with breathtaking waterfront views, a full-service marina accommodating boats up to 115 feet and three freshwater swimming pools. Bimini Sands also boasts several upscale dining options, including the island’s only sushi bar, and guests can enjoy a full complement of watersport activities. Minutes from Bimini International Airport, its idyllic location offers spectacular views of Bimini’s unparalleled blue waters and radiant sunsets, along with picturesque coral reefs and a secluded beach setting. Family-owned and operated for more than 15 years, Bimini Sands is one of the Bahamas’ best-rated family vacation destinations. For more information visit


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Guy Harvey’s RumFish Grill opens Friday May 16th on St Pete Beach. The Grand Openning coincides with Animal Planet’s show “Tanked,” featuring the massive tanks installed at RumFish. One of the tanks is THE largest tank built by the team.

To celebrate we are playing this episode of “Tanked” on a giant screen out on our fabulous beach.

Dive Into History: Honoring Military Divers

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Dive Into History: Honoring Military Divers

Islamorada: Dive all day and learn about dive history in the evenings. A special series of events at the History of Diving Museum recognizing the contributions of Military Divers. May 21-26

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