Guy Harvey Outpost’s Iguana Crossing Hotel Wins TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award AGAIN!

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TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2014Iguana Crossing has earned back to back Traveler’s Choice Awards from TripAdvisor.  The top hotel on Isabela Island and ranked second in the Galapagos. Two hundred and forty-two reviewers rated the fourteen room boutique hotel.  Two-hundred and twenty-six of the reviewing guests rated this Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge either Excellent (189) or Very Good (37).

In addition to all the terrific land based adventures on Isabela.  There is excellent diving, snorkeling and surfing in the Galapagos and Isabela has some of the very best.

Call now for our end of Summer Special available August 13 and September 30, 2014. or 800-513-5257.

Can You Help Find a Missing Diver?

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Noah Cullen, a friend of the greater Guy Harvey Outpost family is missing off Key Largo.

Noah Cullen

It is believed Noah was free-diving in the vicinity of Molasses Reef on Sunday.  His plan was to photograph the reef for conservation purposes.  His sailboat, Jubilee, was found sinking 7 miles off shore at around 2:30p Sunday afternoon near Dixie Shoal (25.03.8120 N 80.15.054w). He was seen aboard Jubilee around 1pm. The storm sail was up and the boat completely sealed. He’s a young guy but a seasoned Captain/Diver who grew up on the water in the Keys. He’s been missing 32 hours now. If you know anyone in the Upper Keys, please ask them to keep an eye out today on the water.

If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please call the US Coast Guard Islamorada at 305-664- 8077 or Miami 305-278-6700.

If anyone could survive in the water for over 24 hours, it’s Noah! Thanks.

Join Guy Harvey Outpost for BugFest at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

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Guy Harvey Outpost BugFest

Come join the Guy Harvey Outpost team for some fun, some bugs and some laughs.  Meet up with us at Guy Harvey Outpost’s local Dive Outfitter, South Florida Diving Headquarters, an official BugFest weigh station on Wednesday.  We will be there with a cold one for you when you get back to the dock.  We will be just south of the Hillsboro Inlet at South Florida Diving Headquarters.

Limited space is still available on the dive boats.  To reserve your spot give our reservations line a call 800-513-5257

We will also be at the Pavilion in front of the Commercial Blvd Pier for the Final Weigh In and Awards on Thursday afternoon / evening.  Friday night and Saturday afternoon, we will be celebrating AND eating at the El Prado Park for the Lobster Cookout and BugFest BBQ

Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire Tournament Results

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Bouncer’s Dusky Takes Top Honors at the Bonfire Tournament

Bouncer's Dusky Takes Top Honors at the Bonfire Tournament! (Click image to enlarge.)
L-R: Ned Stone (Outpost), Rick Benitez,  Capt. Bouncer Smith, Victor Escobar, Billy Springer
(Click image to enlarge.)

Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament Results

Bonfire Tournament Winner: Bouncer’s Dusky

Bonfire Runner-Up: White Pearl

Bonfire 3rd Place: Pisces

Top Angler, Victor Escobar, Bouncer’s Dusky

2nd Place Angler William Senne, White Pearl

3rd Place Angler, Chad Conner, White Pearl

Top Lady Angler, Irynne Mackay, Pisces

2nd Place Lady Angler, Margie McGough, Pisces

3rd Place Lady Angler, Danielle Keyser, White Pearl

Top Junior Angler (11-16) Devin Dellacava, Offshore Express

Top Small Fry Angler (10 and under) Bryanna Dellacava, Offshore Express

Top Reef Team: Bouncer’s Dusky

Top Offshore Team: Bouncer’s Dusky

Top Billfish Team: Tiboron

Largest Mackerel (Wahoo, Kingfish, etc): Brown’s Dusky

Largest Dolphin: White Pearl

Largest Tuna: Tito’s Vodka

Top Captain: Bouncer Smith

Bent Shaft Award (Hard Luck Trophy): White Pearl for a broken rod and lost fish that could have moved them within striking distance of Bouncer’s Dusky.

Most Unusual Catch: Bobby Little, Burning Marlin!

Sportsmanship Award: Pilot Rob Lowe

For more details about the Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

For more information about the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina

To follow Guy Harvey Outpost on Facebook

Killing for Conservation!

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Lionfish Derbies Work, 908 Dead Lionfish Cannot All Be Wrong!

Lionfish Derbies Work, 908 Dead Lionfish Cannot All Be Wrong!   Click Image to Enlarge.


 Killing for Conservation?

Lionfish are incredibly fertile and have no natural predators in the Atlantic Ocean.  Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) has been leading the fight against this Indo-Pacific invader and after six years of Lionfish Derbies at Green Turtle Cay the evidence is clear: Lionfish Derbies Work!  Lionfish now range from Brazil to North Carolina and beyond.  They can live in fresh water too! The 908 Lionfish killed in this one day event was fewer than in previous years even with more divers and better weather.  AND those fish that were killed this year were smaller than in previous years; another good sign.  Lionfish Derbies will not send the fish back to the Pacific; they can however help local communities keep the population in check.

Three Contestants for the Smallest Lionfish Caught.  Photo Credit: Ellie Splain

Three Contestants for the Smallest Lionfish Caught. Photo Credit: Ellie Splain                        Click Image to Enlarge

The Green Turtle Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge hosted the event.  For six years, REEF scientists have conducted a Lionfish Census before and after each event to assess the impacts of the Derbies.  REEF estimates that had these 908 demons been allowed to roam Abaco waters for another year they would have consumed between 700,000 and 2.2 MILLION! Native prey fish.

Congratulations and Thanks to REEF & to The Green Turtle Club for executing a great event for an important conservation mission!

For more information on Reef Environmental Education Foundation and other Lionfish Derbies.

For More information on The Green Turtle Club

For More information on Guy Harvey Outpost

Red Hot Blue Marlin with Guy Harvey Outpost

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All Lit Up!

All Lit Up!

Artist Bobby Little’s Burning Marlin sculpture at Guy Harvey Outpost’s Bimini Beach Bash Bonfire & Tournament.  Above, Duncan Brake’s photograph captures the marlin in full furry.   The event marked Guy Harvey Outpost’s return to Bimini after two years of growth around Florida, the Bahamas and Beyond.   Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, a Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition Lodge hosted the three day event.

Barefoot skydivers from Island Extreme Adventures kicked things off, landing on the beach in front of the Infinity Pool.  There was scuba diving with the legendary Neal Watson, fabulous food and ace fishermen.  Captain Bouncer Smith, recently honored at the IGFA as a “Legendary Captain,” and young Victor Bermudez the event’s Top Angler teamed up to take top honors in the fishing tournament.

Stay tuned for more photos and details or check the latest on the Outpost Facebook page.


Continue Reading Red Hot Blue Marlin with Guy Harvey Outpost…


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Reef Derbies 2014

If you are in the eastern Bahamas and can not make it to the Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament please head over to the Green Turtle Club for the 6th Annual Lionfish Derby, June 27-28th. The Green Turtle Club is original host to REEF’s first Lionfish Derby.  We always need more divers and diners to make those pesky Lionfish disappear. To make your reservations call: 800-513-5257 or reservations@guyharveyoutpost.com

Cousteau Dives the Keys!

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Cousteau Dives the Keys!

Fabien Cousteau on-board the FIU Aquarious Reef Base. Filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau, grandson of diving pioneer Jaques Cousteau attempts record setting dive in the Aquarius. Cousteau began his 31 day attempt to live aboard the underwater laboratory Aquarius June 1st. This would eclipse the 30 day record set by his grandfather in 1963.

Keep Florida’s Net Ban!

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Follow the Will of the Voters – Keep the Net Limitation

On May 15, the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee heard yet another legal challenge to the Net Limitation placed into the State Constitution in 1994 by 72% of Florida’s voters. Following years of unsuccessful lawsuits, commercial fishermen again seek to overturn the limitation—this time as to the mesh size of the nets they are allowed to use in state waters. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) was tasked with writing the rules to implement the constitutional change and that rule has withstood many challenges, and hopefully it will withstand this latest attempt. The Florida Wildlife Federation supports the Attorney General’s Office and the FWC in their efforts to defend the will of the people. The FWC is upholding the law, the constitution, and the conservation of coastal fisheries. The Net Limitation Amendment was originally proposed because Florida’s inshore gamefish and forage fish were rapidly declining due to the commercial fishing gear used in coastal waters. Following the restrictions, and twenty years without the outlawed nets, our coastal waters are now rebuilding an abundance of redfish, sea trout, and other popular game species, as well as smaller forage fish, and that helps the entire ecosystem. It also helps the state’s economy. Florida is advertised as the Fishing Capital of the World and the present net limitation ensures that it stays that way. We hope the court agrees.


The Florida Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit, conservation organization established in 1936. The Federation works for the sound management of our fish and wildlife resources and responsible outdoor recreation. For more information about the initiatives of the Florida Wildlife Federation, visit

Light It Up! Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

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Light It Up!  Bimini Beach Bash, Bonfire & Tournament

Come celebrate Summer with Guy Harvey & Bouncer Smith at Guy Harvey Outpost’s flaming hot party at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina! We kick it all off at the Bimini Boatyard June 23rd 6pm and head east to South Bimini June 26-29th. This will be an event to remember! Spectacular Bonfires Friday and Saturday nights. For details call 800.513.5257 or Click the photo.

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